New History, According To The Program Of Nature

laitman_271The coronavirus spread us apart in different directions and made us feel how far we are from each other. It revealed to us the truth about how we try to separate from each other and at the same time completely depend on each other.

In other words, the virus gives us the opportunity to think about what our correct connection should be. If we unite people, awaken a good and strong desire in them for the right goal, then we change our history, our state.

There is no other way to improve the situation, not demonstrations, nor protests, nor demands will help. After all, the government does not have the means to give the people what they want. You can print more money, but there will be nothing to buy with it. Therefore, the main thing is to organize human society correctly, and first of all to provide everyone with food, medicine, clothing, and housing.

And so gradually a person is provided with everything necessary to be able to exist with their family and children. There will be other attacks and viruses that will force us to defend ourselves and to build life correctly. If all this comes from above, it will certainly lead to good changes.

Any system, whether socialism or capitalism, wraps itself in the egoism of man and becomes destructive. The Soviet people suffered much more from socialism than other people did from capitalism. The proof is that in the end they left their socialism and themselves moved to capitalism, which is not good in itself, but still better than what it was.

Socialism, which Baal HaSulam writes about, implies something quite different: a society, a social system, which primarily cares about the people. It did not work and it will never work if it is wrapped in the egoism of a person. Only if you purify a person from his egoistic nature and form a concern for others, for the people, in him, then it will work.

But it is impossible to remove egoism from a person because the Creator placed this force in him. It is possible only with the help of integral education and the upper light to organize this egoism so that it works correctly. This requires the support of the entire society and the upper light.

We live in the last generation before the correction, but it may last for many more years. We will have to learn how to implement the method of correction in humanity, which is egoistic from birth, and therefore, any form of society that is beautiful in theory—socialism, capitalism, communism—in practice turns into egoism, and therefore, will not succeed.

It is only through the reforming light that our nature can be corrected and society properly organized. We will not do anything ourselves, our job is only to attract the reforming light that will do it for us.

If we connect egoistic humanity with the upper force that will correct egoism, we will get a correct, good result, above egoism. And to do this, we need to organize a large group of pioneers who will show everyone else how to advance.

This is the only way to succeed, according to a program that exists in nature, and not invented at a meeting of some committee. There is already such a precedent in history because in the time of the Sanhedrin, between the First and Second Temples, there were times when society lived according to the correct laws.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Changes Reality,” 4/20/20

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