Why Does Coronavirus Affect Elderly People More?

627.2Question: Why does the coronavirus affect primarily elderly people? Are they less needed for the system?

Answer: I believe that elderly people are carriers of a vast amount of information, but it is usually outdated. Therefore, the coronavirus wants to destroy all the past, which lies on us as a ballast. It wants to leave only the younger generation in operation because they can be easily corrected and directed to a different path of development.

By causing people to inadvertently keep a distance between them, the coronavirus shows us that we need to get closer to each other in the correct way. And the older generation can no longer implement that, while the younger ones can go for it. Therefore, the destructive effect of the coronavirus is more directed at the older generation.

Question: Do you see this as a manifestation of some upper purpose? Does it not just happen?

Answer: Naturally. In nature, nothing happens in vain. We are a consequence of it. We also have thoughts, minds, feelings, and all sorts of decisions, doubts, and everything else. This is all given to us by nature. Nothing just comes out of thin air.

We just need to understand nature correctly, to fully feel its purpose, its system, its network of forces that govern us. Then we will see how much this moves us forward, if not voluntarily, then forcibly.

It is preferable to go voluntarily to the purpose that nature set between us so that we are fully connected by good relations with each other. And then no virus will work. It will simply never appear.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Changes Reality,” 3/26/20

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