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When one annuls himself before the Creator with the intention of giving everything to Him, annulling his self, only the Creator remains in the world. One receives only for the sake of bestowing to the Creator. i.e., he receives the whole world only to bestow to the Creator. This is the meaning of: “The whole world is created for me, and I—to bestow to the Creator.”

After Tzimtzum Aleph, the upper light shines only in the presence of a Kli—the reflecting screen. The screen is a Kli, the force of faith above knowledge. The light (knowledge) weakens the Kli (faith) and the light disappears. In order for the light not to disappear we must increase faith, the screen for knowledge.

In line with the program of creation to bring humanity to the quality of bestowal, connection, and love, we awaken the following: after #coronavirus comes heat, fires, flood, crop failure, an invasion of locusts, resulting in: illness, hunger, death…
Should we not take the need for our correction seriously?

We exist in a system of integral nature. Thus, all problems, including viruses, stem from the imbalance of this system. It makes no sense to fix the system with “props.” We must correct the source of the emergence of problems—our egoism. Humanity will soon be convinced of this!

Accepting the opinion of the upper by agreeing with it, I rise to His level. And I see how my “envelope” gets filled up with the full amount, not with money, but with the greatness of the Creator.

Faith above knowledge is the method of ascension from the material degree to the spiritual one, from the lower spiritual degree to the higher one. Faith above knowledge is the only way to exercise the freedom of choice one is given in this world.

The mind of the upper is the opinion of a group or a teacher. If I try to rise to faith above knowledge each time, it means that I ascend the spiritual degrees. If I do not make efforts to accept the reasoning of the Creator, then I won’t enter the spiritual world or even get close to it.

Knowledge is my mind in this world and the sense of what is happening here, like a judge relying on what his eyes see. Faith is above knowledge as Bina is above Malchut; in order to rise from the level of Malchut to the level of Bina, I go by faith above knowledge.

Faith above knowledge—when I accept the opinion of the upper even if it diverges from my knowledge. “They have eyes but they do not see, they have ears but they do not hear.” I can raise myself to the Creator, each time as if pulling myself up to the next degree, accepting His opinion.

#Coronavirus closes the history of the egoistic development of mankind and shows that any system, clothed in our #egoism, will produce a negative result. For these systems are intended to show us the only way of correcting—not the system—but our egoistic nature.

If we infuse the group (the ten) with the upper light, it expands to encompass the whole of humanity. Each friend contains a billion people in him. It follows that inside a ten there is an entire reality, the whole of humanity, all the worlds.

Does the work in the group affect the whole of humanity? Since there is no difference between a small group (a ten) and the whole humanity, when we awaken the upper force with our actions in the group, we affect the whole world through it. The uniqueness of the integral system is that a ten contains all parts of the world in it.

The difference between one who aspires to spirituality and one who aspires to corporeality is that the former annuls the EGO, reward from this life, whereas the latter wishes to taste both worlds, as The Zohar says: GAV of this world and GAV of the world to come. This is obvious by the way they treat others.

Having received $1,000 from a friend, one believes him, which is “faith below knowledge.” Since knowledge doesn’t contradict his faith, knowledge is more important than faith, faith doesn’t contradict knowledge. It follows that faith is below knowledge, and knowledge is more important than faith since one realizes that if faith contradicted knowledge, he would not believe it.
From Twitter, 4/27/20

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