When Money Has No Value

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/27/20

The derailment of businesses and the collapse of oil prices indicate that we are moving into a different kind of economy where money has no value. It is not that we must replace dollars with gold, but something far more fundamental. In order to live in a sustainable world that doesn’t produce coronaviruses left and right, we must rethink our attitude toward nature and toward each other. And the worst part of our attitude is reflected in the current economy, which is based on exploitation of people, animals, plants, minerals, and even the air.

Instead of the current paradigm, we should appreciate people to the extent that they produce required products and social solidarity. Other than production of staples, we should engage in strengthening the social ties among us, the social solidarity and cohesion. These are the only “products” that will guarantee the survival of our species on the planet. Pride and prejudice will only lead to more natural and manmade disasters. It is time to start learning how to be human beings—connected and caring—rather than how to imitate celebrities who promote nothing but self-entitlement.

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