What Is So Unique About The Current Situation?

laitman_764.3Question: Mankind has been in emergency situations before. What is so unique about the current situation?

Answer: It is unique because humanity has reached a state where we are completely dependent on each other around the globe. The virus has developed all over the world and is talked about in every country.

Each person feels that this can certainly affect him or her because we all live in a single integrated system and are completely dependent on its well-being. Therefore, no matter whether you live in the jungle or in the sands, in New York or in Moscow, you will still feel it.

The virus will make its way to all corners of the world. You can say, “How can it get to me? I live on a desert island. There is nobody here besides me.”

The fact is that these viruses, these malicious waves, appear from nothing, literally from nothing. They appear from the particles, atoms, and molecules of normal organisms that exist in nature in the wrong system of bonds. Nature generates them in the form of viruses.

These are biological organisms that must be in balance and behave correctly in relation to each other. But since around the globe we are creating a terrible relationship between good and evil, receiving and bestowing, it turns out that nature itself invents them in such a terrible form. These viruses will appear where they simply can’t be.

And vice versa, if we begin to improve nature, then suddenly, as if from nothing, such species of plants and animals will appear that haven’t been on Earth for 100 to 200 years.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/15/20

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