My Thoughts On Twitter 4/28/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

#Coronavirus is a consequence of us not being corrected which is already manifested on the biological level. Many problems are befalling mankind in order to convince it to leave the #ego—“Egypt.” We will either leave forcibly or in joy, as we left 49 impure (egoistic) levels.

We need a global plan for recovering human society from #egoism. We cannot close down businesses without support. For the first time in history humanity realizes that it is global, and that it needs to care about the general wellbeing. Common quarantine—common home! #COVID19

#Coronavirus changes the world, most importantly, human #consciousness. We will refer to events as “before and after Coronavirus.” Followed by relating to it as “before and after” as in “before connection with the Creator, and after our change to become similar to Him.” But, perhaps, this is for the next virus.
From Twitter, 4/28/20

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