Amalek, A Cunning Enemy

Dr. Michael LaitmanFor a person aspiring toward spirituality there’s no greater enemy than Amalek. When Amalek takes over, we feel tired, confused and lose the importance of spiritual work. He takes away our desire to apply efforts to reveal the Creator and become like Him. We begin to find many reasons why this isn’t worthwhile doing. And this is called the power of Amalek.

He doesn’t come at us as an obvious or revealed enemy, but sneaks up inconspicuously and implants a feeling of tiredness, laziness, making spirituality seem unimportant. You can do a thousand different things instead of doing a very important, specific, and properly defined action that will bring you to the goal. You’re ready to do anything but that! This is called Amalek.

He doesn’t reveal himself as an attacker and a hateful enemy whom you know you have to destroy.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/2011, Rabash’s article

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  1. So how do we defeat him?

  2. Yes it seems like Amalek advances with us and gets stronger as we advance. Its important to realize that the path to oneness with the Creator is narrow and full of obstacles. Why did the Creator created Amalek? Is it to help us and remind us to constantly check our desires, intentions and actions? I suppose that If oneness with the Creator was easy to attain and with only one action, it would be taken for granted! Like a nice new sports car I want and desire, I know that all I have to do is work to earn enough money to buy it, than I go to the car yard and get it. But once I get the car the opposite happens, instead of feeling fulfillment I feel emptiness. Why? Because it was to easy and to simple to obtain. Keep up the hard work everyone and with the Creators will we shall never give up! We’re stronger among the group with the same goal! Thank you Rav for the article on Amalek. I found it as a good reminder in daily struggle.

  3. Living in an area (Oklahoma City, OK USA) where consumer driven fundamentalist christians, conservative republicans, and people trying to make a buck to survive abound, there’s no desire for people to want what Kabbalah describes as “spirituality”. For the relatively rare few that do, it is virtually impossible to not succumb to the cunning enemy of Amalek.

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