Be Ready For Changes

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe desire to receive pleasure was created by the Light. This way the Light is primary, it is existence from existence, the primary cause. Whereas the desire to receive pleasure was created in it and is its consequence.

The Light created desire to make it absolute like itself. The Light can do anything with the desire. The desire is like hardware that can be programmed with different and even opposite programs. Depending on this, the desire will enjoy bitter or sweet, falsehood or truth, closeness or distance, and so on. The desire is only something that reacts to the Light. It will be what the Light programs it to be.

And so, the Light begins to work with the desire, showing its “changeable” attitude. It uses different methods to form a sensation of need in the desire—this is the first step. Fulfillment arises inside the need, the sensation of the Giver within the fulfillment, the attitude towards the Giver within the sensation of Him, and I discover who I am in relation to Him in my attitude towards Him. The Light in the desire manifests and fades in this chain of states—like a light bulb that keeps coming on and off.

From these concealments and revelations of Light the desire acquires a greater understanding, sensations, decisiveness, and analysis. Its inner reserve becomes refilled, and every time it reacts to the Light on a different level and in a different way. The Light has a simple affect on the desire, but thanks to this it becomes more complex every time and constantly undergoes qualitative changes.

We cannot characterize the parameters of these changes for we lack appropriate terminology. But one way or another, the desire operates based on what it feels at the given moment, and also what stayed in its memory from past sensation. It bases its actions on past experience. Moreover, the desire also has another memory, instincts imbedded in past states, which make it act in a certain way, even when there is no reasonable foundation for it.

Opposite forms must be present in the desire: the qualities of the creature and the qualities of Light, the Creator. Otherwise the Light would always directly control the desire. The purpose of creation is for the desire to acquire reason and feeling, become independent, and this is only possible in the conditions of opposition, clash, and separation into opposites that consist of different forces. And this is why the path always lies through ascents and descents in different forms and details of perception.

Instincts conflict with reason inside the creature. Animals that act according to the inner program do not make mistakes, but man constantly errs where he rises above the animal.

You also see this on human development: Some people develop certain habits and spend their lives living like soldiers, carrying out instructions they received back in their parents’ home. Their lives are quieter, standard; they have more balance and security.

On the other hand, a developing person has less instincts and more reason and doubts. He experiences frequent inner conflicts, learns and changes more, and acts like a child at an older age. He is always changing, full of life, and ready to be different.

And those who are closer to “instinctive” living feel more secure in life, knowledgeable, and stable. This is because they lean on stable instincts, and this provides them with an easier life.

Those who really want to rise to the Creator’s level experience changes, ascents and descents in different parts of perception. The degree of Pharaoh also lies along this path, who says: “The Creator is righteous, while I and my people are at fault.” This is a very high and important degree for a person who understands how great the difference is between the top of the ladder and its foundation. We are referring to difficult work within opposite qualities.

And this is why we must always try to see ourselves in our lives on the steps of the ladder we descend and ascend, over and over again. There is no need to fear this and wait for comfort—there is nothing worse than this.

On this path, changes are only realized through the environment. When a person is alone, he subconsciously wishes to remain in one place. He might not even be very happy or even be in very bad shape, but he still does not care for changes and constantly holds on to the routine.

It is hard to get out of a familiar swamp, and only the environment that constantly inspires man with other values will pull him out. And this is why we need to strengthen the group, to ascend and descend faster, understanding that every time we form within us the vessel for final correction.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/9/2011, Rabash’s article

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