Amalek Accompanies Us All The Way

Laitman_509The force of Amalek is most evident in a sudden change of state—the end of the holiday, the Sabbath—such states that lifted us up by the upper light, and not by our own efforts.

We felt at a height, thanks to the forces that the upper light gave us. And when the Light disappears, Amalek appears. But it can also appear at any other time.

“Amalek” is an abbreviated form of “for the sake of receiving” (Al Menat LeKabel), meaning that this intention is ostensibly for its own sake. Although in fact, it does not act for our good, but in the interests of our egoism. An increase in egoism in a person, a sharp jump, are awakenings of Amalek. Therefore, we must constantly make sure that Amalek does not awaken in us.

Now that the Passover holiday is over, you may feel tiredness and have various problems, as if for objective reasons. But these are not real reasons, it is always Amalek; the desire to receive is clothed in all sorts of reasons, supposedly natural and explicable. Amalek builds nature and regulates our lives.

We must not relax our attention, we must monitor our states and watch for Amalek who awakens every moment. He will inevitably awaken because we would otherwise not be able to achieve great corrections. Amalek is constantly awakening, and we need to correct our attitude toward it, that is, to rise above it.

Amalek is help against us. The more it grows, the more we rise above it, higher and higher. In this way he will lead us to a perfect, spiritual height. This is his job, as help made against us.

Amalek gives us the opportunity to work by defeating it with the help of the group and the Creator and rising above it. Amalek accompanies us along the entire spiritual path, at every step, manifesting itself sometimes more, sometimes less, and putting on different forms. But it always pushes us into an egoistic intention.

Therefore, now, after leaving the Passover holiday and continuing on your way, you need to make sure that you do not stray from the path, and always keep the right direction for the purpose of life.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/16/20, Writings of Rabash, “What Is the Order in Blotting Out Amalek?”

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