Old Age Is A Relative Concept

laitman_756.2Question: What is old age from the physical point of view and from the spiritual point of view? Do you feel like an old person?

Answer: Old age means that a person is already filled with some kind of knowledge, whether it is correct or not, and he keeps this knowledge to himself. Just like a small child will not release his grip on a toy, will not give it to anyone, the old man also holds on to his knowledge because he is completely in it.

The knowledge and habits formed and formatted him, and he can no longer act differently. Therefore, such a person is harmful to society, and nature destroys him through viruses.

Question: Do you feel like such a person?

Answer: I hope not because I am constantly subject to changes, ready for them, and I myself try to promote them and guide them through young people. I feel young.

But if I have to change the shell, I will. Cycles of life – nothing can be done, they are necessary.

Kabbalists relate to this very simply. My teacher said: “Just like in the evening you take off your shirt and throw it in the wash, so at the end of this life you take off your body and in the next life you will have to wear another one.” So nothing terrible happens.

Remark: You have given an interesting definition of old age. It turns out that it is not about age at all. Even a young person, if he is filled with knowledge and does not want to change, nature, as it were, replaces that person. This is what constantly happens in all systems and technologies.

My Comment: If the system is ready for an upgrade, then there is no old age. On the contrary, it is moving toward a better, more advanced, progressive replacement of itself.

Question: So nature is always in the process of improvement and we should assimilate to this process?

Answer: If we walk in unison with nature, we do not need anything to pull us forward: no viruses, no nudges. We would feel absolutely comfortable.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Is Changing Reality” 3/26/20

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