The Golden Age Of Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from DailyMail): “Scientists have discovered that despite an overabundance of polyester flares and bouffant hair, 1978 was the year that the world’s quality of life peaked, after which it has gradually deteriorated ever since.

“Australian experts used a novel method to track the social and economic progress of the world, taking into account various economic, lifestyle-related and ecological factors to come to their conclusion.

“Until recently the standard method of measuring progress in a society was by assessing its Gross Domestic product (GDP) – basically a measure of all the money spent and earned in a given society.

“’GDP was never designed to measure social or economic welfare, and yet, today, it is the most commonly used indicator of a country’s overall performance,’ the study, led by Dr Ida Kuniszewski and Dr Robert Costanza of the University of Canberra’s Crawford School of Public Policy, said.

“So, for example, an oil spill would be interpreted as a boost to GDP because large sums of money would be spent to mount a clean-up operation. …

“They said that a more accurate measure of how a society is faring would need to take a variety of factors – including economy, the state of the environment, and society – into account

“One alternative measure – and the one they used – is called the Genuine Progress Indicator. (GPI). GPI starts by using the same figures as GDP, but uses 24 other factors including crime rates, pollution levels, loss of wetland, car accident rates and even the amount of people who volunteer and enjoy housework to give a country its rating.

“The study analysed data collected between 1950 and 2003 and followed 17 countries – equating to half the world’s population – to come to their conclusion.

“They found that on average, where GDP steadily increased without interruption, GDI peaked in 1978 and has tapered off ever since.

“Experts said the results show that social and environmental problems have cancelled out any monetary wealth the world has accrued. …

“The study concluded that in order to enjoy a ‘desirable and sustainable future we need to rapidly shift our policy away from maximising production and consumption (GDP) and towards improving a genuine human well-being (GPI) or similar.

“’This is a shift that will require far more attention to be paid to environmental protection, full employment, social equity, better product quality and durability.’”

My Comment: Again, the conclusion is correct. It is just not understood how to implement it. To correct society through correcting the human being himself , no one agrees with this. So, suffering awaits us again, which will force us to reconsider our attitude to the only means: the method of integral education and upbringing. Then, our golden age is yet to come!

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