1% Born For Wealth And 99% Born For Happiness

Dr. Michael LaitmanChanges can only take place from the bottom up, and the strong ones of this world will never change—they have built such systems that they cannot make any concessions. The more the world advances, the more mercilessly they will struggle for their own good. The strong will grow tougher, poverty will spread, and the gap between the rich and the poor will only grow.

Even now we can already see that the middle class is gradually being erased. We used to think that the middle class would be the foundation of future society, but this isn’t true any more and never will be. On the contrary, the middle class will become poor and a tiny part of humanity at the top of the pyramid will be rich. All the rest of humanity will be on the verge of poverty.

So those who are at the top will not be able to hear anything. They will behave ruthlessly and the upper Providence will push them to that. They will fight to the death for every penny as if it were important to them. It is a spiritual principle and not a question of money.

There will be a terrible war between the part of humanity that holds the wealth and power and the majority who live in poverty. It is only possible to change this situation by connection and unity among all the poor, not against the rich, but in a connection where the poor mutually support each other and by that reach balance and peace.

They shouldn’t unite in order to fight against the 1% that is on top. This 1% will shrink to the smallest dimension, up to a limited number of people. The correction, however, is not in war, since this is a shell, the force of impurity. The correction is in drawing the force of connection, the Creator’s force. He will fight against “Pharaoh” and all the other enemies.

It says: “A warrior is not delivered by his great strength” (Psalm 33, 16). So we shouldn’t naively count on that. It is thanks to the connection among us that we will be able to correct everything, and we won’t have to fight for the changes above. We will organize a wonderful happy life from the crumbs that we have. We won’t have much; it will only be enough for each one’s basic necessities, but it will suffice because all the other fulfillments will be provided by the general atmosphere among the people in this society.

The moment the force of connection and unity begins to control the 99%, the masses, the 1% that controls everything will lose its power and its ability to govern. All the 99%, all the seven billion people, will be able to organize a normal life by providing everyone with the basic necessities, while the spiritual force that resides among them fills all their other needs. This means that the animal body will receive the filling it needs and the soul will receive its filling. This will be enough for a person to live a life of happiness.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” 6/29/12

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  1. You can go further to say, that the unity among the 99% will actually uplift them all, eventually to the previous 1%s level and beyond, to infinity.

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