The Need To Be Human

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe can speak about many reasons for creation: the Creator’s desire to bring pleasure to the created beings, thanks to which He created us, and His desire to be revealed and to show His greatness. But considering all the reasons for the goal of creation, one thing is clear, that a person has to reach the feeling and the mind of the attribute of receiving and the attribute of bestowal, so that he’ll understand and feel the Creator to the fullest and become like Him according to the condition of equivalence of form—to rise up to the same height and status.

But how is it possible to reach this if a person doesn’t feel a need for it? If he were given such a need by nature, it wouldn’t be his own need. So the Creator has to create a system in which a person will be able to acquire the desire to reveal the Creator and to resemble Him by using his own powers. Then the desire will be on the person’s account.

This desire is what we call “human.” After all, everything he had up until the moment he reached wanting to resemble the Creator was not considered the “human” level, but only the “animal” level, the initial natural level. Therefore it says, “They are all like animals,” meaning until the moment they acquire a desire to resemble the Creator, a desire to bestow.

In order to do that, the desire that the Creator created was shattered. And within the shattered state a person discovers different forms, deficiencies, and corrupt desires. In the meantime, all this is part of instinctive nature and there is no independent action that a person performs.

A person starts to advance by being awakened from Above, being brought to a group, and being given the opportunity to develop through ascents and descents. Thanks to the environment, a new desire begins to grow in him when he clarifies whether he wants to be part of the environment or not, and if he wants that, then for what purpose: in order to benefit from it or to bestow upon the friends? Thus a person can clarify his desires.

He rises and descends alternately, and thereby the conditions for molding his new desire to receive are created for him. If he’s ready to be in the lowest state only in order to have a chance to bestow, then he will undoubtedly gain nothing for his own benefit. On the contrary, he’ll be happy that he’s in such a low state, since by that, he can be sure that he’s not using it egoistically, since there is nothing to enjoy.

A person is ready to feel that his desire to receive pleasure will always remain empty only in order to acquire the desire to bestow, the opportunity to perform some altruistic action. From now on, he begins to acquire a vessel, a new desire, and can thereby advance.

This means that he develops a new desire that will be his own desire without being attracted to greatness but by agreeing to remain on the same level, in a state of smallness in Galgalta ve Eynaim (GE), in desires to bestow. It’s in this desire that he discovers the force of bestowal and begins to know the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/5/12, Writings of Rabash

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