Will The President And The Cleaning Lady Understand Each Other?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to gather representatives of different social classes together at the roundtables? Wouldn’t they reject each other because they are not equal?

Answer: At the roundtable people need to feel equal. We are not equal by nature, but it does not depend on us, turn to the Creator who created us this way. In all other aspects, we are equal. We came here and no one should feel uninvited, disadvantaged, or flawed.

So I always insist that people have absolutely equal initial conditions, and the only thing that has to be corrected between them is for everyone to rise above his own egoism to the state of a common platform. I believe that at least in the first stage, when we are still creating roundtables, we need to make them as homogeneous as possible.

If we do not form them according to a qualification of  properties or on any other basis, you may have problems. After all, very different people can hardly understand each other, so there should be at least some preliminary connection between them.

Therefore, it’s desirable to select people that are similar to each other. Then it will be easier for them to connect. People carry with them the various social conventions that they have accumulated throughout their lives. During life, people develop a whole conceptual framework, and each one has lived in such different conditions that people can hardly understand each other.

I am in favor of gathering equal people at roundtables. A manager, his deputy, an employee, and a cleaner cannot sit at the same table and be free in discussion. We need to take into account what people come to the table with. I do not think that in the real world we can connect such opposite people as the president and the cleaning lady, and I would not like to attempt these experiments; this would be a lack of understanding for the cleaning lady and humiliation for the president.

Understanding and unity is possible only if people have already risen to the level at which they equally feel the need for each other and they complement each other fully. Our task is to bring them to this level. After they experience completely different values that they will draw from the common roundtable, then it is a different matter. But this should come.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/15/13

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  1. An interesting blog. The premise is of course totally correct. I suppose the real question is how you get from point A to point B with humans, so that the president and the cleaning lady feel equally happily complementary and supportive of one another and see each other as equal parts of a whole. All the rest is simply a repeat of society as it is today, with all of its pain and suffering, isn’t it?

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