“What Is Kabbalah From A Perspective Of A Person Practicing It?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What is Kabbalah from a perspective of a person practicing it?

The wisdom of Kabbalah was made in order to guide us from our lives in this world to the attainment of the upper, spiritual world, and explains the absolute and fixed laws acting in both realities.

Using the wisdom of Kabbalah according to its intended purpose—bringing us attainment of the spiritual world—we gradually rise in our consciousness, perception and sensation of reality, eventually reaching, as Baal HaSulam described, the “exalted goal” of nothing less than the revelation of the Creator during our lifetime.

Who or what is the Creator?

The Creator is nature’s loftiest integral force, which includes the entirety of creation, everything that exists on its still, animate, vegetative and human levels.

When we understand how the Creator acts toward us, we can then understand the genuine causes of everything unfolding in our lives, and how to optimally respond to every situation in life.

The more we put the wisdom of Kabbalah to practice in our lives, the more we see exactly why and how we participate in creation, in nature.

In our era, more and more people feel the need for what the wisdom of Kabbalah provides, because as Kabbalists throughout history explained, specifically our era is the one when humanity would awaken en masse with questions about life’s meaning and purpose.

Our evolution is driving us all toward the revelation of the Creator. It is a process of accumulating suffering and deficiency. The wisdom of Kabbalah enters this process as a means to sweeten it, so that we don’t have to develop painfully, but increase our awareness of what is happening, and by doing so, experience the process much more enjoyably.

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