Life, Death, And Consciousness

627.2Question: If it is not the soul, then what enters a new body in the new birth in a reincarnation?

Answer: The point in the heart.

Question: What happens to our consciousness when the biological body dies?

Answer: Nothing happens. The fact is that our consciousness exists in order to safeguard our egoism. When egoism dies, that is, when it hides from us, then consciousness becomes of no use to us. Therefore, it disappears.

But with the help of our method, we develop a new kind of consciousness and a new kind of desire. The new consciousness serves the new desire—the desire to give. And we do not need to die for this. We can live several lives and deaths during the current existence of our body.

Moreover, we will not feel that we are dying because we will already be in a completely different “beyond body” state.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 10/7/18

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