My Thoughts On Twitter 2/21/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

In #France there are talks to replace the words “father” and “mother” with “parent 1 and 2” in order to show respect to single-sex couples. But that’s not enough: they also wish to revoke all #gender differences. Nature cannot be changed. It must be studied and we must become similar to it.

#Kabbalah study differs from any other study in that it awakens a special, positive force, light that changes the student-egoist to an #altruist, to similarity to the positive force of nature, the Creator, and fills him with this force. Today we are in the opposite state.

The entire study of Kabbalah happens in tens, similar to the authors of the Book of Zohar. The entire aim of the studies, regardless of the material studied, is just one thing: to unite us together, so that to the extent of our unity, in our unity we will reveal what we study.
From Twitter, 2/21/19

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