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World Kabbalah Convention 2019
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The Creator’s plan is for everyone to become one nation. At first only single individuals understood this. In the generation of strife, people began gathering to work for the Creator under Abraham’s guidance. Abraham walked around and called upon people …
… until he gathered a large community, “the Nation of Israel.” But the full correction lies in the unity of all!

The transition from one spiritual state to the next feels confusing, since we leave the old Kli, but the new one hasn’t formed yet. Together we can go through them easier, even though they confuse us, take us out of balance. We must get used to the transitions …
… how to cope with them, and understand the friends.

On February 19-21, I invite you to the World Kabbalah convention —a celebration of unity and joy!
You will be greeted by friends! The whole world will meet you at the convention. And you will understand the meaning of confidence, safety, and true happiness!
We await you! #telaviv

Two phases of our development:
1. from animals to egoistic civilizations, egoism’s development;
2. into a spiritual community, the Soul, development of altruism, from Adam over 6,000 years until full equivalence (revelation) of the Creator, by the method that Abraham revealed ….
… to all humanity in Ancient Babylon.

There’s no personal calculation with each person, but each one is evaluated only by his participation in correcting the single system of the Soul. The aim of its development is to attain the Creator. We gradually attain the Creator to the extent of similarity of our connection…
…. between us and Him, as written, “You made Me.”
From Twitter, 2/19/19

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