Life And Death—Alternating Sensations

laitman_760.1Question: What happens after the death of the physical body? Does consciousness disappear?

Answer: Consciousness through the animal body disappears, and consciousness through the soul remains.

Question: What if a person has not yet developed a soul?

Answer: Then he must again dress into an animal body.

Question: So, he will simply not feel anything, as if he had fallen asleep and that is all?

Answer: Not really. Certain sensations remain, but they are very illusory since a person has not yet left his egoism. Therefore, he only feels certain fluctuations, and again feels himself in this world.

Question: But when he dresses in a new body, does he not feel who he was in past lives? Or is there an opportunity to feel?

Answer: No. He does not feel any of that. We need to understand: there is no such thing as death and life. This is all the alteration of sensations, nothing more.

Question: What does remain of the past life, what passes into the new life?

Answer: Nothing.

Question: What happens with the past experiences, with the sufferings and pleasures that a person experienced during his life?

Answer: It all accumulates and passes from one state to another. Nothing is lost. However, in principle, the experience that a person undergoes gradually becomes transformed in the person in the following generations. Therefore, we see that each new generation is different. It is not just somewhat more developed; it has a different type of thinking.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah” 12/11/18

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