There Are No Sinners In Our World, Only Lazy People

laitman_624.03Question: The revelation of evil and defects in love, are they simultaneous or consecutive actions and states?

Answer: I do not see any defects at all. Please remember and try to understand: there are no defects, no breakings, no crashes, and no traffic accidents whatsoever.

What has existed originally is being revealed, nothing new appears. Therefore, there is no division and separation between us. Each time a greater degree of corruption of our Kli (vessel) is revealed. It was broken in the very beginning by one act, what is called the sin of Adam. Now, all this is revealed to us.

Therefore, we must greet every horrible incident as a blessing. Now, you are given work: please correct it and get one step closer to spirituality, and after that, one more step. After a few steps, you will begin to feel how the world opens to you more and more, and the force of the Creator is within it.

You should not look at the world as if you are breaking it. We are not doing anything bad at all. There are no sinners in our world, there are only lazy people. We are not breaking or corrupting the world in any way.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/12/19

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