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Rabash, Letter 8: After acquiring love of friends, sparks of love shine, the heart longs and yearns for them… I come out of this world and its corporeal desires … and it seems to me that there is nothing in the world besides me and the friends… and then the I is annulled as well and dissolves in the friends.

Rabash, Letter 40: When one feels the friend’s love, joy awakens in him. Since he always knew that only he cares about himself. But when he discovers that the friend cares for him, joy awakens in him and he can no longer care for himself.

Baal HaSulam, 600,000 souls: A sign of the complete correction of the desire is when a person feels that his soul (desire) dwells in everyone and in each one. And he does not feel that he is a part separated from others, but a part that depends on everyone. And he becomes perfect, with no defect, and the light of the soul shines in him.

Mutual inclusion has a unique quality: I possessed a single strength in the system of Adam, but after the breakage I include myself into each person above the power of rejection. Each one of us becomes many times stronger than the one unit of strength in the system of Adam.

If we include our friend’s strength in us, everyone will be able to overcome their evil. Our evil comes from the broken connections between us in the system of Adam. Once the connection was broken, all that was left in us was the force of the benefit of evil.

Turning to the Creator is a prayer, a request for Him to correct what He’s broken. We’re using the fragments of a purposely broken vessel in order to learn to build it out of pieces, like children do with Legos, developing through it and growing until we receive a spiritual Kli.

The work of man is to cause the work of the Creator. We are obligating the Creator to do this work. So He does. “My sons have defeated me.” The Creator acts like we do fulfilling requests of our children. Kids plead with their parents, we need to plead with the Creator. He is awaiting our plea.

Fighting rejection, we’re building our common appeal to the Creator, demanding that He unite us. If our request reaches the needed strength, deepness, and quantity of those asking, the whole ten, once we are able to make such a request, the Creator will do the work!

There is no hidden palace of the Creator—it will become revealed if we create it. We’re building one vessel from our egoistic desires. Everyone feels mutual rejection and doesn’t want to unite. If we demand the power of unity from the Creator above it, He will bring us closer together and will become manifest in the vessel created by Him.

The goal is to unite between ourselves in the corrected tens like cells of one body, forming a benevolent influence on the Creator. This part of the broken soul of Adam will come to life and pull all the other parts with it, causing the correction of all systems of the common soul.
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