My Thoughts On Twitter 2/29/20

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Egoism is constantly growing in us, demanding constant economic development. The coronavirus compels us to separate and thereby accelerates the development of the global economic crisis. The salvation lies in unity. The method of uniting everyone is Kabbalah.
If the Jews don’t implement the unity—the nations hate them!

The right intention is making efforts to help the souls come closer to each other, so the Creator will be revealed in them and will enjoy your work from dwelling in them. Our correct intention is to unite among us in our desires, so the Creator can fill them.

The importance of the quality of bestowal arises under the influence of work in the group and the study. By having the quality of bestowal, you transcend time and space; your earthly problems disappear since the quality of bestowal is the quality of the upper world. It lies above our world, the quality of reception.

You must search for a connection with the Creator—i.e., be connected with the friends in your heart, but at the same time turn your heart toward the Creator. The most important thing is to search for a connection with the Creator, originating from the way you are connected to the friends.

Rejoice at the greater egoism being revealed. If you get pushed away from connection with the friends, the group—these are signs of growing egoism. To create a connection—attract the upper light so it will create a second force in you—attraction. Thus two forces will appear in you—the right and left, to go forward.

By uniting together in a 10, we create an instrument to perceive the Creator’s field. This field starts to grow us. Like the arrow in a compass moves under the influence of a magnetic field, so we feel the field that develops us to the Creator’s degree, complete equivalence to Him.
From Twitter, 2/29/20

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