A Crucial Question

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to attain equivalence of form with the Creator if everything is already determined by Him from the start?

Answer: Certainly everything is painted by the Creator in advance! How you will reach this state is not painted: will it be from receiving blows or voluntary? And this is very important.

Sometimes we think: “What difference does this make?! Maybe they will give me blows; in any case sooner or later, I will be in the completion of correction and everything will be okay.” No.

Advancement by blows is like being a disobedient son; this doesn’t bring contentment to the Creator. You neglect this opportunity. With this you think, “It doesn’t matter to me, I got tired”;  in fact, you are saying with this, “I don’t want to bestow pleasure to you.” Turn this question correctly; turn it over to the Creator. In this case you will be able to direct yourself correctly.

In truth, every state is determined from the start, all 125 levels. But how you rise from level to level, this is determined by you.

So I want to emphasize that people who simply want to rise from level to level are egoists! They think only about to what level they must rise. Whereas, people who want to give contentment to the Creator say: “The ascent to the coming level itself is not important to me. What is important to me is how I behave between the stages so I will give Him contentment. I don’t have any need for the levels; take them. I want to give You contentment, and nothing more.”

And it is called “complete bestowal” when a person doesn’t think about and doesn’t ask for a payoff. So the question here is crucial: Do you want to enjoy what you are doing or do you want to give pleasure to the Creator?

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