The Butterfly Effect

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (S. Islamov, Ph.D.): “Everyone knows what the water cycle is: Water evaporates from the surface of the earth and seas and rises into the lower atmosphere, where it accumulates into clouds and upon reaching a certain concentration of water vapor in the clouds, droplets begin to form and then merge, and then moisture falls in the form of rain or snow back to earth.

“Beginning in the last century, humanity brings more disturbances in the work of this mechanism, and the problem is not in carbon dioxide, which is considered the producer of the greenhouse effect, but in plain water. There was a rapid increase in the combustion of natural gas, and by burning it, we take oxygen from the atmosphere and contribute carbon dioxide and water. Two billion tons of water is thrown into the atmosphere annually.

“Consequently, the system of the water cycle responds even to a relatively small impact – this is called the “butterfly effect.”

My Comment: So, floods in Europe will only become more frequent as long as humanity is not able to reduce energy consumption and hence the volume of fossil-fuel combustion. Therefore, the process of extreme climate change will continue until we come to our senses under the influence of integral education and reduce our consumption to a reasonable level.

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