Under An Umbrella Of A Single Law

Dr. Michael LaitmanFor the first time, instead of myriad different, seemingly chaotic, and unconnected laws of nature, we are beginning to sense that a new, single law is acting upon us. We are all under its umbrella, and together, as a single union, are headed in the same direction.

Never before have such different parts of humanity been in such a similar state. North and South America, Europe and Africa, Asia and Siberia, even Australia and New Zealand, all of them are in the process of decline, in the state of depression, and it doesn’t matter in what society we live, to which civilization or religion we belong, and how our society is structured. Some enormous cloud is descending on our world and starting to envelop all of us together.

We really depend on one another: Scientists are discovering this, and we, too, feel it thanks to the crisis and as a consequence of our interconnection. It turns out that each person is acquainted with everyone else in the world through a chain of four people; there exists a “butterfly effect”; some research shows that a person’s thoughts affect the climate, and that earthquakes and tsunamis are tied to relationships between people and their lifestyles.

This means that all of us are facing a single law that binds us by force, and if we want to have a better life, we need to think about how to come closer to it and not on the contrary, grow farther from it, and how to desire to connect together with everyone in a correct, good, and beautiful aspiration.

Then we will advance together with the laws of nature and not against them since in any case, nature will win! We cannot change the laws of nature; they aren’t like governments that can reshape the laws of society based on mercantile interests.

This law exists above us, just like the laws of physics, chemistry, or biology. We can only study and use them in a correct form. This is why we need to understand this law and to connect to it as much as possible. And this law is the general law of all of nature.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 4, 1/1/12

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