The Fundamental Difference Of A New Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe fundamental difference of a new life that we have to build now is in the fact that in the past we advanced instinctively because we were governed by the force of reception alone. I was searching how to receive more in any place.

And now I have to develop an approach that shows as much empathy for others as possible, to connect, to complete, to unite with them. Then, the two forces will begin to work within me together: the one that I am developing now, which is the force of bestowal, connection, mutual participation, and love, and the old force of reception within me.

The force of reception does not die. It does not remain the same, but continues to grow and develop along with the force of bestowal. Now these two forces complete each other at the human degree, and this gives me more room for creativity.

This development is no longer blind; I no longer move in the direction egoism pushes me to, when I obediently run to each bait, rushing in all directions. Now, I am developing with understanding and feeling, consciously and critically evaluating what is happening. I make corrections by combining these two forces, supplementing them with each other, and joining them so as to reach a more balanced state all the time.

There is balance in every atom, molecule, or living organism. Then, on top of this balance, we discover an additional desire and achieve balance at a higher level. Thus, we evolve from a perfect state to a more perfect state. This is the process we have to go through.

The main objective of this process is to develop our consciousness: What are we for, and in what system do we truly exist? Then, penetrating into the depths of our nature by balancing our two internal forces, we begin to feel the concealed layers, forces, and spaces not accessible to us now.

Then, we will enter the system of forces that are above time, space, and motion. We will reach realizations and inner fulfillments in our feelings and mind, which have no connection whatsoever with the existence of our body. After all, this takes place only in spiritual attainment, in new consciousness that we obtain. Our body is only a carrier for the initial instinctive forces necessary to reach the human degree.

That is why we should appreciate this period and these transitional states, understanding how unique our time and conditions are. We have approached the moment of our birth as a human being, Adam, “similar” to nature. We have before us a nice and kind development that includes personal understanding and attainment, which takes us to a wonderful life without any restrictions.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 12, 1/10/12

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