Taking Care Of Your Physical Health

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I know that you pay close attention to the daily routine in the group and to the way your students care for their physical health.

Answer: This is true. If people in the group were free from unnecessary work that only pollutes the environment and spent two to three hours a day working for the benefit of integral society, they would have a lot of time during the day and would absolutely participate in sports and physical exercises.

Part of physical activities would take place outdoors: in nature, on beaches, during picnics, camping, and different outings that under certain conditions can last for a few days. We already practice these things. We never neglect the importance of physical development.

In our group we have wonderful massage therapists, chiropractors, dancers, and so on. We see that within the group there’s a life of its own, with friends helping each other resolve health problems. We pay a lot of attention to this, and I consider this to be an inseparable part of the integral process.

Besides our meal breaks and other events, at least thirty minutes a day, three times a day (if not more) we devote to physical exercise. At any given moment one can have coffee or, if they want, smoke a cigarette. No one is limited in any way. However, physical exercise, running, speed walking, massage, and so on are absolutely necessary.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” #11, 12/16/11

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