The Chain Of Generations

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is meant by the term “previous reincarnations”?

Answer: I spoke about the field through which we are connected to each other. Reincarnation means that genetic information gets passed down from one generation to another, but so far we are only uncovering the material part of it. However, it also contains sensory and rational information of the previous generation’s world-view that passes on to the descendants.

This is why even infants of the new generation are a result of the previous one, and they have everything in them that all the previous generations have gone through. Thus, the development of mankind takes place through the chain of generations. And just like we pass down from generation to generation the material achievements of technology, science, and art, we pass down our inner emotional and intellectual development as well.

This can be verified on newborns. We see that today, children have perception corresponding to that of our generation. But if we were able to give birth to a baby that belongs to, say, ten generations before us, we would see just how different he is from a modern newborn in his potential and developmental ability.

This phenomenon can be called reincarnation because a person carries over information from the previous life into this one. And what is a previous life? It’s the life passed down to him from a previous generation.

Suppose a hundred years ago people possessed a certain level of intellect and feeling. They developed within their generation and passed away. Their children now belong to a different level of development. Why? Because one generation passes down to another not only the physical matter formed from the cells of their father and mother, but also a certain inner human message. This progression of the generations is what we call reincarnation.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 3, 12/29/11

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