Previous Conventions Reveal A New Understanding

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In recent days we have passed through an immense number of states. The rate of changes and advancement has become more and more rapid. We have lots of new students, among whom there are those who truly have a strong desire, but they don’t succeed in following the rapid changes in any way. What can we do in order to help the group that has a very great desire, but simply can’t keep up?

Answer: When I plan to go somewhere far away with a small child, I put him in a stroller and go with him. That is also how we must behave with the new students.

We must create conditions like these so that it will be easier for them to advance. It is possible to arrange additional lessons for them so that they will feel that we are helping them to overcome the obstacles. Or they won’t even feel it that they overcame these obstacles. I don’t have other suggestions.

We have lots of different levels: evening groups, young groups, beginners groups, etc. for studying Kabbalah. So we must be concerned about everyone. They need to hear many times what we have gone through in these conventions and even in the previous conventions.

I looked at the previous conventions material again and this was very interesting for me also. After feeling your past and current congress presence, I felt a difference between the old and the new vessel, how all this has been poured from that vessel to this vessel.

Listen to a convention from two or three years ago and you will hear many new things. You have a mass of supporting material. Don’t be lazy.

You can’t imagine what kind of a charge this will give you. You will get the impression that you are participating in conventions every day. Try to do this and you will be under their impression all the time. A completely different cushion of air will appear for you and you will begin to sail on it, like on a flying carpet.

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