Pesach: From Hatred To Love

laitman_285_02Question: Before the holiday of Passover, we clean the house of leaven (Chametz),  and then burn it. What does the ceremony of burning the Chametz symbolize?

Answer: Burning leavened bread, i.e., my bad, egoistic attitude to others, when I use everyone else, suppress everyone, rule over them—means to remove it from the world so that it is no longer in my life.

This decision is a must! If we all support each other, then we really are ready for it, as it is written, “Man shall help his neighbor.” Then, we come to such a state that we burn all our incorrect connections. There is nothing behind us. We are standing in front of the entrance to the new world and cross the Red Sea.

This crossing is called crossing the barrier from hatred to love for others. It’s not love yet, but the beginning of a good attitude toward others.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/24/15

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