What Is The Benefit Of Correction?

laitman_237Question: If all events are already pre-planned, then what is the use of me changing? Whatever is meant to happen will happen anyway.

Answer: No. The world is created not for us to let it run its natural course: “Whatever will be, will be.” We should not take it this way and relate to it like that.

Question: So there is a script, but it is not predetermined? Or is there some kind of freewill for the participants of this performance?

Answer: If I could rise a degree above myself, I would find that everything in me is determined from there: what I see, what I feel, how I decide to act, and what I achieve. Everything exists on this degree.

But I don’t know this. Therefore, I must act in accordance with this supposed higher degree, without seeing, without understanding, and without knowing it, to the extent of my faith in it and in the measure of my property of bestowal.

If I have an intention to give, to adhere to the Creator, to do what He deems necessary, then I rise up to this degree, carry out whatever He has written in it, and reveal that everything is prepared in this way; there is nothing new under the sun.

But I myself reached the decision that I need to correct myself in order to see a corrected world; I depicted it before me and it materialized.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/26/18

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