The Opportunity To Choose Your Destiny, Part 3

Laitman_707Question: Is my entire life truly pre-programmed and every minute of life detailed inside this program?

Answer: How could a random event take place? In nature, there are no accidents. It is just that we only understand one percent of whatever is happening. Therefore, upon observing some occurrence in the system of nature, we, like small children, scream, “It fell by itself; it broke on its own!”

In truth, strict laws operate in nature, and everything is specified down to the most minute detail. Only naiveté could lead one to believe that something happens by chance. Where else would it come from if not from the balance of forces?

Every event was “commanded” by forces and is a consequence of their specific combination. There are no miracles. Nothing happens by itself without a cause, without having been arranged by nature in advance.

Question: Why are we even alive then? Why is a person given life if everything in it is already predetermined to the last detail?

Answer: And why do billions of fish live in the sea and millions of species of animals in nature? People are given life in order to develop and achieve a state where they themselves will tune into this program and have the ability to make correct changes in it, which the program is waiting for.

The program wants to develop people to such a degree where they can understand it and become its active, positive elements. Kabbalah helps achieve this. Then, a person begins to understand the program, to take part in it, and to act above his nature, above the program that courses through him.

Through studying the wisdom of Kabbalah and implementing its method in a group, a person receives the forces that allow him to change the program, rise above his “blind fate” programmed from beginning to end, and start controlling it. He becomes an especially important component of this program, and through that, he influences his own destiny and the fate of all inhabitants of this world.

Question: Why doesn’t a person get the ability to control his destiny from the beginning, and instead, first must go through life mechanically?

Answer: At first, a person lives like all other animals who spend their entire lives grazing on some fodder. Suddenly, at some point in his life, he awakens, looks up, and says, “No, I do not want to live with my head buried in a feeding trough!”

I want to know where the force that controls me comes from! I want to get to know it, and control my own destiny! A simple animal existence is not enough for me. After all, the fodder and my body, all of it, is animal. I desire to develop in a way where I can consciously tune into this program. A program of life exists, and I want to become its independent element.”

To be continued…
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/25/16

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