The Opportunity To Choose Your Destiny, Part 1

laitman_760.2Question: At times, certain events occur in life that feel as if someone orchestrated them, and sometimes they seem like absurd accidents. In the East there is a concept of karma, and there is a proverb in Arabic saying: “What has been prescribed from above, one cannot escape.”

Is our destiny truly predetermined, like a movie that was filmed in advance, or is it possible to change it?

Answer: The entire script of life is already written in advance, but the person himself determines in what form it will come down on him. After all, man is given freewill, unlike inanimate matter, plants, and animals who are under the control of “blind fate,” namely the absolute higher governance on the part of nature.

Nature pushes everything in existence forward through the process of evolution according to Darwin’s theory or some other program. A human being, unlike everyone else, can take destiny into his own hands. If he does not do this, then he lives like animals under the full control of nature, unable to influence his fate in which everything is pre-assigned.

By instinctively reacting to all occurrences of one’s life, a person does not introduce anything new from himself. If we exhaustively studied all of our systems, psychology, physiology, and all our properties, then we could calculate our decisions and reactions to every situation in life.

It is like a machine whose behavior is known in advance. Therefore, it is not the machine that is in question here, but the external influences it receives, the forces acting on it. What happens to a person depends only on them and nothing depends on the person himself. This means that we cannot say that he defines his destiny. This is how 99.99% percent of humanity operates in this world.

Yet, there are people who are able to take fate into their own hands and react not instinctively from their ego and natural properties, but by rising above their nature and even working against it. This is a completely different behavior if compared to all other, ordinary people.

In other words, it is possible to exit this mechanical determinism. It is not simple, but it is possible, and not on account of the person himself, but with the help of a special force that exists in nature, which is called the Light that Reforms. This force starts to act on us when we want to rise above our nature, since within nature we are all robots operating inside a machine.

However, if we attract the special force to ourselves, which starts to develop us, we acquire an additional, higher nature of bestowal, unification, and love. It will be an addition to our personal qualities and the program of our lives. The program will change because the inputs have changed since I am asking for a new program and want to go along a new path in order to rise to the next level, the next degree of life.

I do not want to just drift along the instinctive current that carries me from the day of my birth until the day of death, but to go through my life in another way: to be under new governance and to react differently to it in order to reach different results. As a result, I escape my destiny and prior nature and transform myself into an active element of my new fate.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/25/17

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