The Opportunity To Choose Your Destiny, Part 2

laitman_448Question: Is my entire life and all of its events pre-programmed in advance? Where does this program come from?

Answer: Our entire reality is a program in which we exist and are developing within its flow. We ourselves are elements of this program upon whom it works and pushes forward.

The program is the forces that act on us and take us through different states. You were a child, studied, then you went into the army, then got married, had children, and so on. Did you choose what would happen to you? We did not choose anything, although we have the illusion that everything is in our hands and that we ourselves decided where to study, whom to marry, etc.

But all this is not true. Life passes through a person without asking him. Now, at 70 years of age when I look back at my life, it becomes obvious to me that I did not choose anything. I was pushed into all kinds of situations, forced to react to events and to go through different states.

Concerning the future, I might still have the illusion that I can act on my own volition, but regarding the past, it is clear that there were no choices.

Some might blame themselves for having acted a certain way instead of another, but the majority of those who were already made wise by experience understand that whatever happened had to happen, and nothing could be changed. Such is fate.

Question: And where is my destiny recorded and everything that is going to happen to me?

Answer: It is recorded in the general program that exists in the force field of nature within which we exist.

Question: When is this program written: before a person’s birth, at the time of his birth, or during the course of his life?

Answer: The entire program is already written from the beginning of creation until its end. Of course, even before a person’s birth, there is a program of his entire life’s path. This script exists inside the field of force called Shechina, a common desire, which is the material of all of creation. In this field, there is a force that advances the desire to enjoy to its final state, to the intended goal.

The formula of this force acting on a desire is called the thought of creation. The thought of creation is that program, that force, that formula, that advances the desire from its initial form to the ultimate. For 99.99% of the people, this program is written in advance, but for 0.01%, it is not written.

To be continued…
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/25/17

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