The Basis Of The Future Society, Part 4

laitman_934All For One – But For What Purpose?

Question: The Kabbalistic group is based on a special connection between people where everyone thinks not about themselves, but about others. How does it differ from the Mafia where people unite for a common goal?

Answer: The difference between a group of Kabbalists and a Mafia group is in their goal. The Mafia is united in order to gain strength and achieve a criminal goal, for example, to hack a safe or rob a bank. And everyone is sure that if some of them get caught, the rest will do their best to save them.

The Mafia unites to achieve an egoistic and materialistic goal at the expense of others. They can even justify themselves by restoring public justice because they steal from rich people, but their actions are dictated by their egoism nonetheless.

On the contrary, the group of Kabbalists unites so that everyone could annul himself. As a result, they do not gain the power of reception as the Mafia does, but the great power of bestowal, which helps us to reveal the higher reality that is hidden from us and to begin to explore the spiritual world.

We call the Creator Bore, the upper force that acts in us. It means “come and see” (Bo-re) because we attain it inside our connection and reveal the reality that governs our material world.

Question: Why do criminals in the Mafia group not reveal the upper force if they also unite and annul themselves before each other?

Answer: They do it for a purely egoistic goal. The goal of the Kabbalists is to gain the power of bestowal, and the goal of the criminals is to achieve a greater power of reception, which is aggressive toward others.

Question: In the final analysis, is it not enough just to unite and take care of each other on the principle of “one for all, all for one”?

Answer: When we unite in our world, we try to strengthen our common egoism by connecting with others. On the contrary, in the Kabbalistic group, everyone annuls his own egoism, and therefore we achieve the common power of love and bestowal.

Only through such a connection in the group can we achieve bestowal; there’s no other way. A Kabbalistic group is a gathering of people who become one person with one heart. They acquire the altruistic force called the upper force or the Creator. They reveal the higher reality that is hidden from everyone else in this world through this force.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/4/17

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  1. Excellent points Rav! Reminded me of a midrash which I’d like to share:

    “The generation of the Flood said, Who is Shaddai that we should serve Him? (Job 21:15), whereas the generation of the Dispersion said: ‘It does not rest with Him to choose the celestial spheres for Himself and assign the terrestrial world to us. Come, rather, and let us build a tower at the top of which we will set an idol holding a sword, that it may appear to wage war with Him.’ Yet of the former not a remnant was left, whereas of the latter a remnant was left! But because the generation of the Flood was steeped in robbery, as is written, They set aside boundary-stones, a flock they steal and pasture it (ibid. 24:2), therefore not a remnant of them was left. And since the latter, on the other hand, loved each other, as is written, And all the earth was one language, therefore a remnant of them was left [cf. Zohar 1:76b]. Rabbi said: Great is peace, for even if Israel practice idolatry but maintain peace among themselves, the blessed Holy One says, as it were, ‘I have no dominion over them’; for it is said, Ephraim is joined to idols: let him alone (Hosea 4:17). But when their hearts are divided, what is written? Their heart is divided; now shall they be found guilty: [He shall break down their altars, He shall ruin their images] (ibid. 10:2)” (Bereshit Rabbah 38:6).

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