What Does It Mean To Change The World?

Laitman_509Question: What is wrong with wanting to “bend” the whole world to suit myself if the world is full of malice and vices?

Answer: I understand that you would like to change our world. But if you do this by breaking it, you will only get some of your smaller broken worlds.

You have to change yourself and then, instead of today’s world, which appears to you in your egoistic properties, you will discover another, better, altruistic world. To change the world is to change your properties, and then you will see it differently.

You need to understand that we exist in our desire. Changing your desires from the lowest state to the state of complete bestowal and love, that is, the world of Infinity, we can move back and forth along the ladder of the spiritual worlds. It all depends on our properties.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/26/18

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