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This is mutual guarantee! Noam Elimelech. Collection “Rose”: One should always pray for a friend because a prisoner (of egoism) cannot rescue himself from imprisonment, but asking for a friend he quickly gets an answer. So everyone asks for another until everyone receives an answer—light.
This is mutual guarantee!

Rabash, Letter 77: There is no emptiness in spirituality, the Creator is hiding to allow us to advance without waiting for the falls but by feeling our lowliness, to raise the desire “even before you have lost.”

Rabash, Letter 24: You must keep the connection between the friends day and night—when it feels like “day” and when it feels like “night.” You must awaken the friends’ hearts so that the flame rises by itself—by doing so you will merit to awaken the love of the Creator.

If we unite into one soul as before the breakage of Adam, we will return to perceiving the upper world, to the spiritual state, become Adam once again. A person has no other work in this world besides seeking out the ways of connecting to others so one can rebuild the soul.

Spirituality is revealed through unity of egoists. We remain in the spiritual world but perceive ourselves instead of it. We must transition from the individualized perception of ourselves in this world to the perception of us through the force of love and bestowal, which unites everyone in one desire.

Through the science of Kabbalah we reveal the cause of the disease, which comes from human egoism, and its cure: if I suffer from egoism, I need to break free from it. The science of Kabbalah helps: we must be in a group and attract the light that reforms, it gradually changes us.

A man is an intention. The physical body is our animal. Through our relationships we are able to raise ourselves from the animate degree to the Human, “Adam,” meaning “similar to the Creator.”

All misfortunes and problems are sent on purpose for us to accelerate bringing the world into balance, to draw near and work on the ego. From the level of Adam, man, from the highest level of nature, we will cause all of its forces to come into balance, the world will find peace and happiness!

Baal HaSulam, Letter 2: You should evoke within you fear of the coolness of love, although the intellect denies this possibility. If there is a way by which to increase love and one does not increase, that too is considered a flaw. Our job is to reveal love every day as a gift.

The rule that helps to protect oneself from breaking off the connection with the Creator is unity with the friends within the ten, which obligates one to develop love in one’s heart for his friends until a person will become one with them and with the Creator between them.

Kabbalah calls for adherence to minimalism in everything in order to concentrate your efforts on the only thing that’s important—to create a constant desire in yourself to reveal the Creator in all that surrounds us. This also ensures environmental consciousness, optimality.

One can serve the Creator only in joy. But the Creator purposely made it so that you can’t. So that you would ask Him for the power of bestowal! Don’t stop until you receive it. Once you get the power of bestowal, you will see how much the whole world needs your help, and you will rejoice at each of your actions.

If I work shedding tears, it is not counted for anything because what is important in spirituality is the intention, not the action. Intention is measured only in joy according to my desire, whether I want to work or not. If I work reluctantly it is not counted as work.

The only desire created by the Creator on the level of Bina, “Future World,” upon breaking fell to the level of Malchut, “Our World.” We have to gather the broken pieces and raise them to Bina, “Garden of Eden,” through unity. We will see everyone as perfect within the force of love and bestowal toward each other.
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