My Thoughts On Twitter 3/4/20

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We must rejoice at the descents and falls, since to the degree of one’s readiness, broken desires, spiritual vessels are revealed to him. If a descent, a bad mood, darkness in the mind and heart, comes, this is given for correction. We understand and feel this darkness, and are obligated to correct this state.

The passage, detachment from the egoistic intention entry into the reign of the intention for the sake of bestowal, is the passage from the material world into the spiritual one, from being under Pharaoh’s rule to being under the Creator’s rule, from Egypt into the land of Israel, Flag of Israel

We must strengthen the mutual guarantee, unity, the group, in advance—prepare all the means so as to maximally correct one more empty part of the common soul that is being revealed. Until you connect all parts of the soul into one soul,  you won’t attain the end of correction.

When the spirit of life disappears, we think we move farther away from the Creator. But in reality, new empty cavities are being revealed to us, from which the upper light departed during the fall of sin with the Tree of Knowledge. They were concealed, but are now being revealed in each one of us along the order of degrees, according to a program.
From Twitter, 3/4/20

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