The Beginning Of Serious Spiritual Work

laitman_942It is said by Kabbalists, “There is none else besides Him.” We must reveal this in order to attain in the connection with each other one single source—the one Creator.

To the extent that we connect, by being very different and very far away from each other, we begin to create a new quality, a sense of unity within ourselves, attained by a combination of opposites. Without destroying our egoistic desires (it is impossible to destroy them), without abolishing them, we try to create one single whole from everything within us.

Usually, before coming to a convention, we think that we will gather together and begin investing all our strengths in connection, in annulling ourselves. Yet, when we arrive at the place, it suddenly turns out that our thoughts and desires are not the same as before, and we already want something else.

This is the beginning of our serious work on ourselves. We begin to receive all kinds of disturbances, and it is these that should alert us to create a connection above them.

But we do not try to reveal disturbances, we are simply trying to connect, and as we do so, we reveal more and more disturbances. This gives us an opportunity to rise above them and create a single desire, a single system.
From the World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/5/19, Lesson 0

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