Feel The Common Soul Begin To Work

laitman_962.7Each Kabbalistic group in the world should work in order to serve as the foundation for the upcoming congress in Bulgaria. The soul of Adam HaRishon, the common body, contains many different properties, each of which cannot be neglected. Everyone must annul themselves before the others in order to achieve connection, but at the same time, one does not cancel one’s individuality, character, and strength. On the contrary, a person must show this unique desire for unification granted to them and be an example for everyone so that they would also want to serve as an example. The result is a common connection.

Everyone must grow for the common unification. Everyone cares about how to help others, how to help them maximize their special nature so that all qualities are clear, bright, and burning, showing all the differences and all the connections between them. The differences between us grow as our relations with each other develop.

This is practical work for all groups and individual students. Everyone has to do this before the congress. Mere physical organization of the congress is insufficient. All groups and individuals in Europe must be awakened so that everyone feels that they are an important, vibrant part of the European system. Otherwise, we will be incapable of creating a common spiritual vessel (Kli).

The purpose of the congress is to create a central Kli of the world soul made up of European students. All material prerequisites for this exist because of the revelation of major egoistic contradictions requiring correction specifically in Europe.

Our mutual connection grows as we care about improving the common world group, strengthening and expanding the ties between all the groups in order to overcome everything that divides us as a result of the Babylonian separation—psychological and spiritual differences, different languages—rising above everything, and covering it with love. With the help of the connection between us, everyone will correctly rise on his personal spiritual path.

From now on, it is impossible to build a single spiritual Kli without concern for common unification. The main goal is a common connection, which obliges each group in any country to grow in the right form.

The era of personal development, when an individual soul could rise, has ended. Wherever a group is formed—in Novosibirsk, in Berlin, or in Italy—not one of them can grow individually. All of its corrections, development, and spiritual strength, starting from today, will depend only on the awakening of the collective Kli. It will be felt more and more. This is what our current time demands.

By establishing ties between us, asking for help, and helping each other, we revive the system of Adam HaRishon. We will begin to feel our interdependence and our obligation to take care of everyone.

This is a new stage of the work. Its result will be each individual Kli being able to grow correctly, developing its individual character and contribution to the system. We will feel how the common soul begins to function and breathe.

We cannot do otherwise. The stage of separate tens and groups has passed and ended. A new and special stage of advancement has begun. We will feel a stronger manifestation of the upper force through the general system, how it guides us and operates on us.

This is a very important stage for approaching the Creator because He will be felt within all groups.

Therefore, remaining in our tens, we have to start taking care of all the groups, the common spiritual Kli, and the system of the common soul of Adam. That is where the Creator will be revealed.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/23/19, Questions and Answers with Dr. Michael Laitman

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