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laitman_589.02Perception of reality is impossible to explain in words; you either see reality or you do not. If I take off my glasses, I will not see anything in front of me. I will know that there are people there and I will hear their voices, but I will not see them. In order to see reality through the Creator’s eyes, we need such glasses in which we could see the soul that exists in everyone and in all of us together so that it would be as one whole. This is how it works because perception of reality, as the sum of individuals, a sum of units, requires a different, integral approach.

We want to depict the Kabbalistic groups around the world as one group, and we want to care for all equally, rising above our personal concern for our ten, our country, and our language to the common soul of all humanity, the entire Babylon. This is all in order to correct our perception and see reality through the Creator’s eyes, in an integral and collective form.

Therefore, we should now try to think about the common soul, at least about all our groups in the world, in order to step over all differences between us. Everyone will thus correct their shattering and our perception of reality will become more integral.

How can we do this? It can be done only by working on our feelings with the help of the mind, understanding how important it is to connect the parts of the shattered soul. We must do everything in our power, and we will then arrive at the prayer that will save us. The problem is that it takes a lot of effort to reach such a prayer, when I understand that I cannot realize what I desire, but I want it very much and I know whom to ask and that He can help me.

We correct nothing by ourselves and make no connection to each other. Yet, if despite the rejection, we nevertheless make efforts, then we turn to the Creator who completes the work for us. This is how we should prepare for the congress in Bulgaria: do everything possible and then part of the convention will become a prayer.

This is no longer a relationship in the ten, the understandable human connection that is in my field of vision and sensation, but rather something intangible and unclear: with whom and how do I connect? I do not have the forms within me through which I connect with other groups into one Kli; therefore, all that is left for me is to pray, to ask.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/16/19, Baal HaSulam, “600,000 Souls”

Minutes 20:50 to 28:06

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