Rising Above The Universal Egoism

115.06Question: We see how anger, indifference, and unwillingness to feel what is going on with another person increases in people. Is it possible to somehow stop this by interacting with them or by asking them?

Answer: Not at all! In no way. This is the law of the universal egoism, which increasingly develops in us, becoming more prominent, vigorous, and terrible. It will continue this way until we finally decide that we have to rise above it. Otherwise, we will not survive.

And it is possible to rise above the ego only with the help of the science of Kabbalah. There is nothing else we can do.

So, after all, we will have to master this science in order to rise above the ego, obtain a second quality, altruism, and by correct interaction between the positive, altruistic, and the negative, egoistic qualities, reveal the upper world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamental of Kabbalah,”, 1/26/20

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