Period Of Wandering, Part 6

laitman_750.01Why are there 10 tribes of the people of Israel dispersed around the world?

Question: What can you say, as a Kabbalist, about the ten lost tribes that still cannot be found? What was the point of this? This is still a large part of the nation that has to reach unity.

Answer: Yes, of course. Only two and a half tribes remained, and the rest disappeared.

The fact is that this is a huge number of people who do not live somewhere in one or another place, but have settled around the globe. We see in the stories of the two remaining tribes how they went through all the paths of exile, mixing with other nations and all that. This is a very interesting historical process.

Question: There are three main areas where Jews settled during exile: North Africa, Spain, and Germany.

Why has nature done this in such a harsh method? If nature has a goal for all peoples to unite, and all of humanity to become one organism, then this could be done in a softer way.

Answer: Nature has its own logic: to choose some group from all of humanity.

Firstly, this group consists of representatives of all nations. This is not a biological people, like all the others, but simply people connected by one common goal: the desire to connect in order to reveal the upper force, a higher existence, to live in harmony with all of the integral nature. So, it was quite reasonable and quite justified.

Comment: Nature led the Jews to some kind of unity. Then the unity was lost, and nature (the Creator) dispersed them all over the world.

My Response: Everything was the way it should be. This was known even in the days of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Torah hints at the fact that Jacob was supposed to tell his children about this, but hid it from them, meaning from the 12 tribes, their future.

And today, when we are almost at the end of the path, unity must be revealed. Why are ten tribes still hiding in other nations? We do not know. We cannot imagine what could happen to the world if this group, called the Jews, despite their small numbers, did not disperse around the world. We do not realize how much it is precisely the trigger and source of all problems, all actions, all of world history.

We see how much impact it has had on all of humanity. After the destruction of the First Temple in the 6th and 7th century BC, Confucianism and all Eastern methods appeared. And after the destruction of the Second Temple, Christianity and Islam arose.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel, Part 6,” 7/15/19

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