Period Of Wandering, Part 7

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Question: After the Jews went into exile for 2,000 years, they repeatedly experienced four acts of the same play in a foreign land. At first, they caused prosperity in the country they settled in, then they faced hatred toward them from other peoples, then their physical destruction began, and as a result they were exiled.

Can it be said that this is a law?

Answer: Yes, it is a law. Even if they were not physically exiled, such as in Russia, they were still placed in such conditions that they had to leave. Even in our time.

Now it is brewing in America. Jews by no means want to leave there. They believe that this is their homeland and everything is fine there. But in the end, after the prime, which passed very quickly, hatred gradually manifests itself, and it will squeeze them out of the country.

It will not be exile, as it was in the Middle Ages in Portugal and Spain, and later in England, Germany, and France when the Jews had to free the whole territory within a week, but simply hatred.

Remark: Moreover, no matter how much Jews try to assimilate, there is still some kind of law that prevents them from doing this.

My Response: Even mixed marriages will not help. We will see it.
From Kab TV’s “Systematic analysis of the development of the people of Israel,” 7/15/19

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