“Blessed Are You O Lord, Who Brings Bread Out Of The Earth”

742.03It is customary to thank before the meal: “Blessed are You O Lord, who brings bread out of the earth.” We bless the upper force for helping us to bring forth bread (“bread” is the degree of faith) from the land, that is, from the degree of the will to receive, Malchut. The qualities of Bina fell into Malchut, and we are extracting them back.

When I plant a seed in the soil, the soil gives this seed all kinds of minerals, it turns into a sprout, and then into a stalk with many seeds. So, from one seed planted in the ground, I get hundreds of seeds, increasing my deposit hundreds of times.

Where does the earth get such power? This is the result of the shattering: the light penetrated the desire and transferred its properties into it. And since then, up to this day, we are extracting from the land, from Malchut, the qualities of Bina with the help of which we can grow and produce plants, animals, and people.

Everything comes from the inanimate level but due to the fact that the force of the light initially penetrated into it. Therefore, a living force can come out of the inanimate earth. That is how it works.

We bless the “the Lord, who brings bread out of the earth.” There is nothing in the earth itself, but the Creator initially implanted His quality of bestowal into it, and that is why we can extract all the fruits from the earth. Everything comes out of the inanimate level, from the earth, from the first shattering, as a result of which the force of the Creator penetrated to the lowest level, into the desire to receive, and is supporting it.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/26/20, Lesson on the Topic “Building The Future Society”

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