A Spiritual Person In A Carrier From Earth

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe restriction does not affect the still, vegetative, and animate levels within me. I must exist and provide all that I need for myself. There is no shame to receive this way. But when I am done with the first three levels and begin to think about the fourth, human, level, that is when the questions begin, and the freedom of choice arises: Should I continue to receive for my own sake or begin to bestow to my neighbor? All the arguments, analysis, and work revolve around it.

As these first levels are free from the restriction, do as you please with them because you are taking what your nature requires for the sake of existence. Every person must take whatever he needs to have a normal life. A normal life means just as much as he requires to free his heart and mind in order to care for a fellow human being. This simply is our responsibility. Just as we must bestow on the fourth level, we must also receive in the three preceding levels.

On top of that, the entire fourth level only exists for bestowal. A restriction was made on it: The Reflected Light is the commandment of attaining similarity to the Creator. We must feel this well.

In other words, there are parts within me that must exist, such as the heart, the brain, and all my personal qualities, but they exist as regular meat, as matter. There is an additional layer on top of that which is the inner, spiritual work of the human within me. This is the fourth phase within the fourth phase (Dalet de Dalet), which follows the preliminary three stages of development within man himself. It is this phase that makes a restriction and a decision about the screen, the Reflected Light, and similarity of qualities.

This is what it means to be on the human level, where we have evolved from the still, vegetative, and animate nature and stopped being primates. This is why, even being at the human degree, we still keep all the previous levels of the still, vegetative, and animal body, as well as our entire corporeal development of science, intellect, and feeling. However, when we reach the human degree, we perceive it as a special aspiration that awakens toward the Creator.

The restriction, the inner work, and the concealment only apply to it and nothing else. This is why the spiritual world takes no account of how people behave in their everyday lives. When all of humanity in general reaches the stage of correction, this begins to concern everyone, but through becoming included in one another.

This is why those who so far do not feel an awakening toward the spiritual world do not need to do anything about it. Nature itself will direct them through blows. The entire responsibility falls on those who have been awakened.

We must emphasize and care for the desire that pertains to the human level, where one feels like he pertains to the Giver somehow. Everything else pertains to the essential existence that can neither be “condemned nor praised.” We only work with the Dalet de Dalet desire on which we must concentrate our attention. It can only be grown through a universal, mutual connection in society.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/4/2011, TES

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  1. Thanks you for what you do.

    Also, the gate to Eden (a gate has two opposing doors, which when opened together via the middle line lead to the higher third) is so thin that the whirling fiery blade will repulse all beyond a hairs length of it’s hilt, the eye of the storm. The root of war is the place the hand holds the sword. I ask, who enjoys, who is nourished by the wine colored stain on the hands from separating water from water?

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