Kabbalah Does Not Involve Meditation

Laitman_506.5Question: Meditation is also an inner contemplation. How is it different from Kabbalistic contemplation?

Answer: There is no meditation in Kabbalah. Sometimes, meditation is called prayer, that is, a request, an aspiration from the lowest to the highest degree. Such a request compels the higher level to help the lower. This is called prayer. There is no other meditation.

I have heard a lot about meditation. Some people even tried to teach me meditation. But all this ended quickly because I study and teach only classical Kabbalah.

People’s inventions, no matter whether or not they believe it exists, is not proof for me. Therefore, I do not understand how one can meditate. In other words, how does one develop imagination to the point that it starts to affect him? He is included in a certain cycle where he excites himself and allegedly transfers to other imaginary spaces. Kabbalah does not tolerate this because Kabbalah is a science.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/1/18

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