Meditation And Mirages

Laitman_728_01Question: I have heard that some people who meditate feel elevated and enlightened. They sense a whole gratefulness, which fills the entire world connected into whole one. What causes such a feeling within a person?

Answer: This sensation comes because people suppress their egoism with the help of the Eastern meditation and they start feeling one system. After all, they annulled their egoism, which was tearing this system into many parts. However, this is still not an elevation above the material world, above egoism.

They see the structure of reality, but they cannot govern it and exist inside it. This is only anticipation, a mirage, and a sensation of the wholeness of the world. In our world there are a lot of people who without any meditation feel that the nature is whole and everything is interconnected within it.

Scientists and all ordinary egoists come to the same conclusions. They also understand that the world is one system and therefore we have to protect animals, the ecology,  and follow the law of balance in nature. A person feels all of this in his ordinary egoistic desires and he does not demand to rise above his egoism.

The force that elevates one above his egoism is a completely different force. It can be attracted from nature only through unique exercises according to the method of Kabbalah. This force in reality gives us an opportunity to rise above our egoism and enter the next level of existence.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/25/15

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  1. This is a VERY important message that needs wider dissemination because people are suddenly waking up finding themselves with this ability with no explanation such as the one in the article. Bnei Baruch teachers and materials do not address this issue other than to say “it’s your imagination” – this leads to great confusion and discouragement while the person is in a vital stage of development.

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