He Who Stands On The Earth Builds Heaven

laitman_742_03Baal HaSulam, Shamati #34 “The Profit of the Land”: All the torments that exist in the world are but a preparation for the real torments. These are the torments that one must reach, or he will not be able to acquire anything spiritual, as there is no Light without a vessel. These torments, the real torments, are called “condemnation of Providence and slandering.” This is what one prays for, to not slander Providence.

A person who advances towards the Creator goes through many unpleasant states that eventually teach him to ignore them and to know how to justify the Creator on top of them. We see that our life is full of fatal mistakes and we burn with shame for what we have done in every moment of our life.

We torture ourselves for being evil, for having missed so many opportunities to advance quickly and to attain a good life. Now too we cannot make good use of the time and opportunities we have been given.

It is wrong to think this way. We mustn’t attribute any importance to reality itself and to how we behave and take the opportunities we have, but rather, we need to justify the Creator for everything that happens both inside us and around us. We should not simply justify Him for everything He does, but also understand that behind this whole picture there is a different picture of the upper system to which we should adhere above all the ugly forms that appear before us at any given moment in the past and at present.

We mustn’t regret anything because we condemn the Creator who arranged everything! All these pictures should actually remain, and we should build the positive attitude towards the Creator above them by our efforts. This is a person’s main work.

We have to build the exact same attitude not only towards bad events, but also towards good events, since they come from Above and we have no reason to relate to the good or the bad ones differently. It makes no difference what the Creator presents to us and how it is depicted in our ego. In fact, what our ego finds attractive like success, achievements, and even acts of bestowal are all reasons to turn to the Creator and to attribute all these essential actions to Him. We had to undergo all that including the good, the bad, and the neutral events in order to build the right attitude to the Creator.

By changing our focus from the actual actions, from all the values and all the events in the past, present, and future to the providence of the good Creator, we turn the picture of the world from a negative to a positive one, from the fictitious form called this world to the form of the next world. If we want to see all the most horrible events or the most joyful ones as good, if we see everything only in the Light of the Creator as good, we thus reflect all these events in the opposite light, and by them build the first picture of the spiritual world.

Then we see that there is a great advantage to our desire to receive, which depicts everything to us in opposite forms as help against. Therefore it is written: “the profit of the land.” If we relate to our ego this way, we can build Heaven above it.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/7/14

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