Considering Only The Goal

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll the pressures that we feel, the little pushes that advance the creation along the time axis forcing it to develop gradually, and the terrible afflictions that it goes through, all stem from the love of the Creator who wants to advance us and who operates only considering the goal. The Creator’s Providence is a purposeful Providence, and doesn’t take into account different events and states that we go through.

It is impossible to say that the Creator, the force of love and bestowal, doesn’t care how we feel. First, He feels it Himself, and much more than we do according to His level. The inadaptability, the lack of equivalence of form of the created being to the Creator, is felt as great sorrow on the upper levels.

We, however, feel only the faint resonances of this pain to the extent that we can feel it only on our account. Just as bestowal increases the feeling of pleasure by 620 times, so are the sufferings felt in the upper 620 times more strongly than we feel it. This is actually an infinite difference.

The Creator is an upper level compared to us and so our inadaptability, our deficiency, is felt in it sharply. To the extent that the future perfection is revealed in the upper level, we can see our deficiency in the current state, our helplessness, our suffering, and our inability to justify the Creator who operates for our sake as the good and the benevolent only out of love. Yet because of our corruptions, we don’t understand this goodness and so we don’t advance.

It is only a psychological problem of determining that everything we feel now is healing us and bringing us to adhesion. Then all the problems are solved, the darkness becomes the light of faith, and the bitterness becomes sweet. We don’t need anything else! In fact, nothing changes but the way we determine the state we are already in: It is like is says: “And you shall eat that which is ancient.”

Now we are in the Light of the Infinite, in the eternal word, in the fixed state. All the concealments are only in us, in our perception, in our understanding, in our inner attainment. We only have to change our attitude inside and to prefer bestowal to receiving, and we will feel that we are moving into the eternal and perfect world to the same extent. We will realize that our world was imaginary. So we actually don’t have to do anything but correct our perception of reality.

Question: How can I determine that everything that happens to me leads me to adhesion?

Answer: In order to do that, I have to accept the mind of the environment instead of my own mind. An environment is a group, a teacher, and books that have to perform such a change in me that a new state will be revealed in me; a state called the Creator.
From the Preparation to the Lesson 12/22/13

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